Great News!

I finally got my own domain!


The Laziness!

This weekend consisted of a ton of craziness and lots of laziness.


Attempted to take Khloe on a walk at 7 am on that 3.1 mile walking path. I wanted to walk the entire thing but after about 15 minutes I decided to turn around because Khloe kept barking at the runners and kept dragging me in every direction. So fail for that. Breakfast was the usual cereal with a banana. My aunt called and said she would be in the Rhode Island area and wanted to stop by and see my apartment, but because she has 2 kids that she has to get together and out the door, she wasn’t sure what time she would get to my apartment. So this meant I couldn’t go to the YMCA as planned. Instead I got in bed and fell asleep to the America’s Next Top Model marathon. After my Aunt left my apartment around 1, I did the Wii fit for a while. All of the times I’ve done the Wii fit, Khloe usually ignores me or tries to stand on the actual Wii Fit. But today for some reason she noticed the TV and kept trying to follow the arrow. How cute.

For lunch, I knew I needed to keep it light so I had a yogurt fruit bowl, and finally finished one of the regular yogurt containers. I also tried Kiwi for the first time, and I may be allergic to it also. My throat felt kind of weird when I ate it but sine it was mixed in with the yogurt and raspberries, it went away really quick.

Party Bus was pretty crazy. I was good and only had 3 drinks, and they were basically just juice (ya ya alcoholic whatever).


I did not do ANYTHING!!! And I absolutely loved it. Laid in bed alllll morning and allll afternoon. Breakfast was a fried egg sandwich for I think like 200 calories, I forgot what DailyBurn said. Wasn’t awake for lunch…pure laziness.

Dinner was good. I bought a Weight Watchers thingy, only 250 calories. And look they have mini Fruit 2days! And I believe the Chobani drought is over cause there were more flavors this time! I still have a lot in my fridge so I only bought one, which I’m saving for tomorrow.

No workout today, but I didn’t go over my calorie intake so it’s not that bad. My arms are killing me though and I think it’s because I haven’t been doing push ups. So tomorrow I’ll do 20.

Today I Feel Like Doing Something

If you’ve listened to The Lazy Song, you’ll get what I did there with the title of this post.

Yesterday was cardio day!

  • Elliptical – 30 minutes, 1.7 mi, 125 calories
  • Treadmill – 25 minutes, 1.25 mi, 161 calories
  • Bike – 7 minutes, 2 mi, 53 calories
  • Various Wii Fit Thingys – 60 minutes, 350 calories

And can I just say, the Hula Hoop activity on the Wii Fit, especially the HulaHoop Plus, is BRUTAL!

Today is gonna be a tight squeeze because I have so much to do before heading over to my mom’s house for the weekend. I’m leaving work early today and will probably squeeze in at least a 10 minute runish on the Wii Fit but I really don’t have time to go to the gym. Someone is coming by today to pick up a piece of furniture at 5, so my dad will be at my apartment to help with that. Then I need to get an outfit for tomorrow night (yea the mall on a Friday night? I’ll be in and out in 10 minutes smh). Then I have to pack, get Khloe all situated, and THEN drive to my mom’s house.

I’ll be sure to go to bed early though because I have every intention of waking up at 7 am and going to the Foxboro YMCA. Hopefully there won’t be more than 20 kids there.

So why do I have to go shopping and then stay at my moms house for the weekend?? Two words – Party Bus.

Three of my friends are doing a party Bus for their birthdays in Boston this Saturday and my mom’s house is closer to Boston than my apartment and that way I don’t have to leave Khloe by herself all day.

Obviously Party bus = massive amounts of drinking = a million calories. I don’t plan on getting drunk but I do plan on drinking. So I probably wont have breakfast, have a small lunch, and then 4 pieces of bread for dinner??? That should even out.

Rambling On

I found the perfect song to describe how I’ve been feeling for the past few days… The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. Really this should be the theme song of my life. It sounds depressing, but majority of the time I feel like I get out of bed because it’s socially unacceptable to stay in bed all day, when your days aren’t even that exhausting to begin with.

In the far far future when I get married and have kids, my husband and I will have an arrangement where each weekend one of us will have a ‘Day off From the Madness’ pass and will get to stay in bed all day. Cause after watching and helping my Aunt raise her 2 kids over the past few years, every parent deserves to stay in bed for as long as they want at least once a month.

Ok that pictures kind of mean, but you get the point right???

More Randomness…

The other day I made a Billboard 100 playlist on GrooveShark (which is how I discovered The Lazy Song) aannd I just discovered how to share it. So for those who actually read my blog (two people!) here you go

Billboard 100 – Week of 4/10/11

Grooveshark is like Pandora on steroids. But I also just discovered and will be looking into that today when I get home since its freakin blocked at work. Boo.

Off Topic: I like changing the theme of my blog a lot. I used to change the background of my laptop everyday (might start doing that again)

Not So Happy Day

This is how I feel right now (not cause my hair was all cut off or something like this cat, but the facial expression it has explains it perfectly). I’m upset, annoyed, frustrated, whatever the hell you want to call it. If I was still in college, this would be one of those days where you don’t go to class, don’t do any homework and just sit in the papasan chair underneath a blanket with your headphones on and just ignore the world. But instead, I’m here at work.

Yesterday when I got home from work, before I even went upstairs to my apartment, I walked over to the gym to see if the remote was there. It sounded like the TV was on so I assumed the remote was there cause I didn’t want to look like a crazy person snooping around in the gym in my work clothes. When really, I should have checked. Sat in bed for a while but then did the Wii Fit. This time I did the free run for 10 minutes and supposedly ran 1.35 miles burning 83 calories. I will admit, I don’t exactly run in place. It’s more of the quick step thing that football players do when they run through those rope thingys (hope that makes sense). Did 60 push ups and 30 crunches, Khloe didn’t allow me to do anymore and spread her entire body across the yoga mat and refused to move.

845 rolls around and I head downstairs to watch Modern Family. The remote was nowhere to be found. Not only that, there were two people in the gym, a guy and a girl. The girl was on the elliptical while the guy was doing crunches and they were basically having a shouting match, yelling about their friends and how they lost weight doing P90X. I got on the treadmill with the intention of walking for a half hour since my Tivo would be recording Modern Family but I couldn’t even hear my music through my in-ear headphones (which are meant to block out all noise!!!) because the girl was shouting so loud! So I went back upstairs and watched MF and Happy Endings (my new favorite show).

This morning, I checked the gym again to see if the remote returned, and it did. I’m taking all of this as a sign that I should not base my workouts around my TV Show schedule and allow my Tivo to actually do it’s job. GGRRR (yes, that’s how I feel right now).


Only good thing about the past 12 hours is I’m wearing a size 12 skirt today, which was another piece of clothing that I bought with the intention of working hard to fit into it. Shopping for Miami is gonna be fun…42 more days!!


Serious Question: What’s with the family bumper stickers?

I see these stickers EVERYWHERE! There’s even one where it’s just a bunch of different sized flip flops, I guess one for each family member. Its lame and freaking annoying.



When I googled for images of these, I did find one that wasn’t so annoying.


Don’t Mess With My Treadmill

Went downstairs to the gym around 745, ready to watch the end of Don’t Forget The Lyrics and the first half of Biggest Loser. The remote for the TVs was missing and the power button is on top which is too high to reach. FAIL. Luckily I had my watch this time, otherwise I would have gone right back upstairs. Did a mile on the elliptical, a mile on the bike, and a mile on the treadmill for a total of 250 calories burned. I DEFINITELY would have stayed and watched DWTS, especially since Jennifer Hudson is the the guest celeb tonight. She’s so skinny now!

Skinny Bitch

I was so upset about the remote missing, and the treadmill did act up a bit and I had to fiddle with the power cord again, that I wrote an email to the apartment building.

Hi Alison,

The other day I was at the gym downstairs using one of the treadmills. I was forced to use the one on the left, because the other one would not turn on for some reason. A few minutes later, another resident tried to use the other treadmill and after fiddling with the power cord a bit he was able to get it to turn on. Three seconds later, BOTH of the treadmills turned off. We worked together to getone treadmill working, now knowing that they can not both be on at the same time.

This is not the only issue with the treadmills. The treadmill on the left does not increase it’s incline. It makes a funny noise and the number goes up, but the treadmill does not physically move up. The treadmill on the right, the slow button does not work.

Are there any plans to replace these treadmills? I understand it is not meant to be a state-of-the-art gym and can’t be compared to a real, full-sized gym. But it would be nice to have machines that don’t have a “stand on your left foot while holding the antenna” feel to it.

Also, I was at the gym today around 8 and the remote for the TVs was missing.


Although I consider my apartment complex to be luxury apartments….

(This is my own, newly decorated, apartment)

The gym is a huge disappointment. And so is the movie theater. The TV is not HD!!!!

Alison did email me back already and said this is the first time she’s heard about the treadmills being broken and will as Marc (the maintenance guy) to take a look at it tomorrow and that if he can’t fix it, then she will call the treadmill distributor, and if they can’t fix it then they will look into replacing them.

Progress people. Progress.